SPEZI Bike Show 2019


For the first time ever, T-Cycle presented at the world's largest special bike show called SPEZI.  Take a look below for a detailed recap of what we displayed, some information you might not know, and our newest products.


 [Photo of T-Cycle Booth]


New Products from T-Cycle:

It's been an exciting last year for T-Cycle.  Not only did Steve Sussman pass on his Finer Recliner legacy to us, but we've also re-engineered our full and mini-fairings, launched the long-awaited EZ Knees Pedal Swing & Crank Shorteners, but we've also debuted our brand new, fresh off the production line, luggage rack for suspension trikes.  Click on the images below for more information.




 Cockpit Accessory Mounts:

Whether you ride a recumbent bike, trike, or something else entirely, chances are you've wished for just a little bit more space to mount an accessory in your cockpit.  Whatever you want to mount, whatever your bike or trike is, we have your mounting solution.



Accessory Mounts

Recumbent use a lot of the same components and accessories as conventional bikes, but not everything fits like a glove.  T-Cycle makes the problem-solving accessories to help position your rear light correctly, mount your GPS where you can see it, place your front light as far forward as possible to minimize foot shadows, or even create a way to mount your flag and keep it from flying away.

Multi Purpose Accessory Mount


Accessory Mount

Adjust-O-Matic Bottle Cage Mount


Bottle Mount


Vertical Rear Light Mount

Vertical Rear Light Mount


T-Cycle Flag Mounts


Flag Mount



Drive Train

 The one element that every cycle has in common, from recumbent bikes, trikes, tandems, cargo bikes, or even velomobiles is the drive train.  T-Cycle makes all manner of mounts, clamps, and accessories, but our bread and butter- or in Germany, brot und butter- will always be idlers and other chainline management.  We offer pre-configured idler kits for many of the most common bikes and trikes and also offer all of the individual components a la carte.  Take a look at the newest additions to our Sport Series Idlers and our premium Elite Series idlers with titanium cogs and ceramic-hybrid bearings.  Whether you want to upgrade your drive train, replace old or worn out components, or perfect your chainline, we've got you covered.

Sport Idler Series

Sport Series


Elite Series Idlers

Elite Series


Chain Keepers

Chain Keepers



Floating Chaintube Holder

Floating Chaintube




Creative Clamping

Recumbents have a long and diverse history.  We have pre-configured accessory mounts and kits of many of the more common vehicles out there.  If you have a 'bent that's rare or you have a creative project that has you scratching your head, we're here to help.  Here's a look at some of our clamps and other products that you may recognize from elsewhere in our webstore.  Our diverse collection of clamps will get your creative juices flowing.

Double Ended Clamps

Double Ended


GlideFlex Stem




Wedge T-Clamps

Wedge T-Clamps




Double Ended Clamps

Frame Clamps






WINTR has come and SPRING has sprung with T-Cycle's new fairing mounting systems.  Our time-tested Windwrap fairing bubbles are combined with our latest and greatest mounting hardware to create the 2018 BROL Accessory of the Year, the WINTR Fairing Kit, and the newly re-engineered and released SPRING Mini Fairing Kit.  If you have an old OnePoint Mount or XT Mount, we even have conversion kits to bring your trike up to speed.

SPRING Mini Fairing Kit

WINTR Fairing Kit


Fairing Kit



Luggage & Batteries

With e-bikes taking the market by storm, recumbent riders are also finding themselves enchanted by the appeal of electric assist.  T-Cycle leads the recumbent industry with our elegantly engineered Fully Configurable Battery Mount, available in a bounty of sizes and configurations.  Now that you're covering more miles (or kilometers) than ever before, how will you carry your camping gear, tools, groceries, or just the contents of your pockets?  Our SeatSide Mounts allow the rider to mount a traditional handlebar bag next to the rider. For those of us who want to carry it all, the mad engineers at T-Cycle have at long last introduced a trike-specific luggage rack!  Click the photos below for an in-depth look at each product.



Suspension Trike Rack


Trike Rack



SeatSide Mount

SeatSide Mount



Fully Configurable Battery Mount

Fully Configurable

Battery Mount