SeatSide Mount System

Welcome to the latest and greatest way to keep your things right where you need them: the T-Cycle SeatSide Mounts! SeatSide Mounts are a great way to carry things where they're easy to reach while you're riding. The mounts include a versatile system of reconfigurable clamps and mounting tubes to fit nearly any recumbent trike, delta or tadpole. Typical uses include handlebar bags from the upright bike world- there are lots of great ones- as well as bottle holders, map holders, camera bags, phones holders— pretty much anything you'd like to have close at hand while riding.

SeatSide Mount

A Place for Everything & Everything it its place

We have kits for most trikes, and are working on creating more. If you don't see your trike listed, there is a good chance we have a kit for it and haven't had a chance to do a proper photo shoot and get it on the website. We can probably do a kit for your trike, contact us with what trike you've got and we'll let you know what's possible.

4-Bolt Wedge T-Clamp

Adjustable, Yet Steadfast

Our SeatSide Mount System features our super versatile, super strong Wedge T-clamp.  This clamp will let you find the ideal adjustment to make sure your handlebar bag is perfectly situated close at hand.  Once fastened, the mount will be secured against pesky bumps and road vibrations.

Frame Clamp and Y-Clamps


OneBolt Release

Many of our SeatSide Mount kits are available with our OneBolt Release System.  The OneBolt Release option allows you to quickly and easily remove nearly everything for folding and/or transport. With 1-2 turns on a single collar clamp bolt, the main pieces slide out, leaving only the frame clamp and a short tube left on the trike. Reinstalling is just as easy, just slide the main part of the mount back in and tighten the one bolt. The OneBolt Release option replaces the Y clamps that hold the support tube to the Frame Clamp with larger ones and adds an intermediate slotted tube with a collar clamp. The intermediate tube is slotted at both ends to enable the double sided option.


What's the Catch?

We include a user installed catchpost in case you want to use a handlebar bag that is designed to index to the handlebar stem on an upright bike. Some handlebar bags have a cable or an arm that is designed to catch on a handlebar stem to keep the bag from rotating down. The catchpost provides a place for that to connect, making the mount compatible with most handlebar bag mounts.