Fully Configurable Battery Mount

Electric drives on bikes and trikes are great for transportation and for enabling anyone to get out and ride, but until now, riders have had to hodgebodge together a way to carry the battery.  Batteries are big, dense, and valuable, and you don't want to just stick them anywhere.  Rack-mounting sometimes works, but then the cables need to be extended, the weight is up high, and you can't use your rack for anything else.  We've heard the collective cries of e-bikers everywhere and have engineered the recumbent industry's leading battery mount.

Fully Configurable Battery Mount  

 Mount your battery securely

T-Cycle offers a diverse bounty of heavy duty frame clamps to accommodate the lion's share of frames and tubing out there.  We also offer all of the battery mount hardware a la carte, making it possible to create customized battery mounts.  As the prolific Walt Disney is quoted saying, "if you can dream it, you can do it."

Truly Fully Configurable 

 "Fully Configurable Battery Mount" is certainly quite a mouthful, but when we say, Fully Configurable, we mean it!  The vertical plate of the battery mount boasts a 16-hole pattern for ultra versatility and 360 degrees of rotation.  Precision CNC'd out of aluminum in Portland, Oregon, the mount is both super sturdy and elegant.  Your battery will be mounted securely to your frame and can be adjusted to keep the weight low and central.



Frequently Asked Questions:


My battery is big and heavy, will this mount work?

Yes! Our mount will work with any battery that is intended for e-bikes.  Our heavy duty frame clamp is precision machined to fit lots of different frame sizes and shapes. 


What shelf do I need?

If the battery mounts to the inside of a conventional bike frame, our standard battery shelf will do the job well.  If the battery is intended to mount to the rack of a conventional bike, the adapter shelf will be needed.  The shelf correlates to the mounting mechanism found at the bottom of the battery receptacle, not by the size of the battery.  Most conventional bikes use the wimpy little bottle cage mounts to attach a battery.  Our super study standard shelf can take whatever you can throw at it.

I have a folding trike, will I still be able to fold with this mount?

Yes!  You'll want to be sure to install the mount on whichever side is on the outside when your trike is folded.  You trike will still fold, but it may change the way that the folded trike fits into your vehicle or storage space.


Can I mount two batteries?

It depends on your bike or trike.  Most trikes have more than enough space.  Some trikes with suspension or folding elements might not have enough frame space to clamp two mounts.  Feel free to ask us!