Finer Recliner Neckrest Display

Say Ahhhh....

Yes, T-Cycle is now making Finer Recliner Neckrests!  While the super comfortable Finer Recliner neckrest itself remains the same, we have upgraded the mounts to include additional machined clamps to make things more versatile and easier to use than ever before. We will also continue to offer customized embroidery. Steve is still helping us with that for a while.

T-Cycle offers a Finer Recliner Neckrest kits for all of the most popular trikes.  If you don't see your trike listed, send us an email and we can help you configure something for your ride.  Riding a trike has never been this comfortable.


Finer Recliner Neckrest with both foam options


When ordering a Finer Recliner, you may notice that there is a foam density option of blue memory foam or pink memory foam.  You may think to yourself that it has a black cover and no one will ever see the color. So what's the difference?? 

BLUE:  is what is known as the 'standard' foam density.  This is a great choice for most people.  If you're someone who rides in very low temperatures, you may notice that the blue foam tends to become very firm.  In warmer climates, the blue foam will be juuuuuust right.

PINK:  is what is known as the 'soft' foam density.  This is a great choice for people who aren't scared off of their bikes by a little cold weather.  The softer foam will become a little firmer at low temperatures, making it more of a 'medium' feel.  For higher temperatures and summertime weather, the pink foam has been reported to become extra extra soft, nearly to the point of lacking neck support.

BOTH:  If you live and ride somewhere where you experience cold winters and hot summers (I'm looking at you, Midwest), it may be worthwhile to opt for both foams, so that you're always prepared for what Mother Nature throws at you.


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