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These clips help hold your flag to the pole, and catch the top cap on the pole to prevent the flag from coming off.


1. What do these do?

These secure the flag to the pole and keep it from sliding up. There is a cushioning cap glued to the end of the pole, and the clip can't go past the cap. The bottom of the flag is designed to make it hard to pull the cap out, so the flag isn't likely to just come off if the clip is missing. You're not likely to lose your flag, just have it slide up and not wave properly any more.


  • Made from tough plastic and sized to clip over a flag on a 1/4in (6.35mm) flag pole. Simply clip over the flag near the top to keep flag in place on the pole.
  • 7mm ID, sized to clip over a flag on a 1/4in (6.3mm) pole.
  • Install about 1.5 inches (35mm) from the top end of the flag. With the pole fully inserted, tighten the flag material on the front of the pole by squeezing the back side of the reflective band. This will remove any wrinkles and make snapping the clip on easier. Position the open face of the clip on the pole and snap it onto the pole.
  • Fits any flag with a 1.4 inch (6.35mm) pole.