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RANS V2/Formula Idler Kit

8 reviews
SKU: IDK174.1

The T-Cycle RANS V2/Formula Idler Kit is a beautifully machined compliment to your RANS V2 or Formula. Super durable mounting plates hold each a Power and a Return idler. This kit is sure to give you a boost of performance power in your rear wheel, as well as substantially quiet the chainline. RANS installed two different frame mounting bosses on their bikes. The width is either 1-1/4" or 1-5/8". Remember this is the left to right width of the actual mounting boss, not the front to back distance between the two mounting bosses.

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Garrett B.
United States

Buy it! I did have some quality control issues though.

I have a couple concerns. 1. The item arrived with rollers reversed, it was slightly confusing because the directions call for the sprocket side up, but the item would not fit in that configuration. My immediate assumption was that I got sent the wrong item. The item appeared it would line up, only if my mounting holes were above the bottom bar, but I specifically bought this model because it was supposed to be below. The solution was to take both rollers off, flip them and the bracket, so nylon roller was on bottom, sprocket roller on top and it would fit. I almost assumed I had been sent the wrong model. This could help with returns. 2. Both rollers are intended to slide right to left or left to right as you shift gears, but my nylon sprocket has too much slop on the shaft and so it wants to bind. In other words if you take one finger and attempt to move the bottom roller left or right it binds on the shaft due to excessive play in the OD of the slider shaft vs the ID of the bearing. I don't think it's the bearing as I imagine they stick to relatively tight tolerances, but more likely the shaft. My concern is that the sprocket being able to bind so easily will cause the chain to eat into the side of the those beautiful sprockets. It's an incredibly nice item otherwise, and I'd be happy to change the review when/if that last issue is resolved. This really is here for the company to improve and not to drive away business, you should still buy this. I just thought some feedback was in order.

Christopher C.
United States United States

Rans V2 splurge

Yes this item is expensive, especially the elite series that I purchased. But this is a vast improvement over the stock idlers. Easy install and whisper quiet. I plan to keep my V2 forever so as a lifelong investment it's a great deal. Excellent quality!

Stephen R.
United States United States

Excellent Upgrade

Did a full replacement of V2 drive train to include single chain ring. The idler kit works splendidly with the new setup. Less noise and looks great. Excellent product.

T-Cycle RANS V2/Formula Idler Kit Review
Robert G.
United States United States

Chain Idler

Working with the team at T-Cycle was five stars. Aaron was extremely helpful in being sure I got the right product and was also satisfied. Highly recommend the company!

Steven M.
United States United States

RANS Velocity Squared Idler Kit

My RANS V2 is currently out to be powder coated so I haven't actually installed the Idler kit. With that being said, I did receive the new kit from TerraCycle and of course it looks as good as everything else that I purchase from them. I am a firm believer of their products and the quality is always top-of-the-line. You can't go wrong. But, if it does, rest assured they'll always stand behind it!! I highly recommend TerraCycle products! Thank You! Steve in Nebraska