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This Light Mount for SPRING Fairings lets you attach lights and mirrors directly to the T-Bar of your fairing. On SPRING Mini Fairings, the mount clamps to the top T-Bar and extends past the side of the fairing, providing plenty of room for attaching lights. The light mount tube is the standard handlebar size, so you can put a mirror in the end. The mount allows for left side, right side or dual side light mounting. Originally designed to use a snap block and stainless band clamp, we've upgraded the mount to use the Double-Ended Cockpit Clamp. This mount is designed for lights and mirrors on the SPRING fairing mount, but you can connect this mount to any 7/8" tube on your bike!


  1. Open the clamp by removing one of the clamp bolts
  2. Put the clamp around the T bar and reinstall the clamp bolt
  3. Insert the light mount tube
  4. Adjust things to where you want them
  5. Tighten the clamp

To remove a plastic end cap to insert a mirror, pry gently at the edge of the cap with a screwdriver or the edge of a dull blade (like a table knife). The cap will pop out and you can install the mirror just like you would in the end of a handlebar.


1. How does it work?

The SPRING fairing mount has a horizontal T-bar across the top. This light/mirror mount attaches to the T bar and runs parallel to it, a bit above and a bit behind the T bar. The light/mirror mount tube is attached to the T bar with a 7/8 to 7/8 Cockpit Mount Clamp, so it's easy to install and very sturdy.

2. Can I use it on either side?

Yes, and you can get two and use them on both sides.

3. Why put my light there?

Because it's up higher, out beyond the fairing, and unobstructed. Higher is nice to get a better view of the road, and for visibility to other vehicles. Out beyond the fairing is nice, because then the light isn't shining through the fairing and getting spread out or bounced back at you. Your light is also very easy to reach there, so you can easily reach it to turn it on and off or take it off for charging.

4. Can I put a mirror there?

Yes, it's a great place for a mirror. It's usually high enough and out enough that you can see back over your shoulder. You can attach any handlebar mounted mirror, the tube is handlebar sized.


  • Swingaway open clamp is easy to install and adjust. Mounting tube is 7/8 inch (22.2mm) diameter aluminum tubing (handlebar size) with sturdy black powder coat. You can clamp this mount to any other 7/8 inch tube, so you can also use it on handlebars or other places on your fairing mount.
  • Mounting tube is 7/8 inch (22.2mm) diameter aluminum tubing (handlebar size), 7 inches (18cm) long. Black powder coat finish. Plastic end caps in both ends can be removed for adding mirrors. Clamp is a Double Ended 7/8 to 7/8 Cockpit Clamp, CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum and anodized black. Clamp bolts are stainless m5 Allen head bolts (standard 4mm Allen wrench needed).
  • Fits any bike or trike with an SPRING Fairing; any bike or trike that has a 7/8 inch diameter tube where you'd like to attach another 7/8 tube parallel to it (perhaps to put accessories on handlebars, etc.).