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The FastBack Flash Frame Pack proved itself a true member of the unbeatable FastBack team on a 2,400km trip from Colorado to Portland. No amount of torrential rain could penetrate the Flash's protective cover. Our cell phones and Clif Bars were working and edible the whole trip long. The sleek design fits nicely on a bike or trike. The Velcro lining makes reaching in and out easy, without compromising the contents inside. Use it with a NorBack Frame Pack and they can share a strap! Get a FastBack Flash Frame Pack and ride farther and ride faster today!


1. What does this pack do?

It attaches to the top of a tube, preferably where another tube sticks up. Two long straps to wrap around the main tube, and another strap optionally wraps around something like a head tube or derailleur post for additional anchoring. It provides a very handy easy to open, easy to close place to put things you want to get to while riding.

2. What makes this pack different from all the other top tube bags?

We call this the Flash because that's how quick it is to open and close the top. All you have to do is lift the top to peel open the Velcro that runs all along the sides. One sweeping move with one hand is all it takes. Closing is quick and easy, too, all you do is smooth the top down, again in one easy hand motion.

3. Is it really waterproof?

Yes. You can't submerge it or anything, but pelting rain is no problem. The one piece waterproof cover simply and easily keeps the water out. 4. How big is it? 8 Inches long by 1.5 inches wide by 2 inches tall (20 x 4 x 5cm). So, big enough for keys, wallet, snacks, tools, phone etc.


  • Locate a spot that is easy to reach while riding. The pack is most easily accessed from the back, so orienting it so the stablizer strap is to the front, or in the case of a trike crossarm tube, the side. Wrap the two main straps around, then work the front stabilizer straps around whatever is available.
  • To open the compartment, simply grab the cover near the back and lift up and forward in one quick motion. If folded over to the front, the cover will stand up on it's own. The sides are stiffened so the compartment stays open and maintains it's shape while you're getting things out or putting things in.
  • To close the pack, wrap your hand around the front of the cover with your thumb on one side and your fingers on the other. Draw your hand back, and the shape of the cover automatically re-forms under your hand. Squeeze gently on the sides to set the Velcro as you sweep your hand back. 2 seconds and you're done.


  • Originally developed as a one handed snack bag, the Flash has proven itself useful for all sorts of things that are nice to have easily accessible while you ride. The unique quick opening cover is both easy to operate and sheds even torrential downpours.
  • Main attachment straps fit up to 60mm tubes
  • Front stabilizer straps fit up to 1.5 inch tubes.
  • Volume is 24 cubic inches (400 cubic centimeters)
  • Constructed from waterproof pack cloth with Velcro closure and nylon straps.
  • Compatible with most bikes and trikes. Ideal for on top of a main tube just behind the headset, but very useful any other place you'd like quick access.