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Note: Cockpit Mounts are plenty strong for holding accessories, but they are NOT strong enough to serve as an exit assist.

The Cockpit Mount with Vertical Attachment allows you to position cockpit mounts anywhere and everywhere in your cockpit. With two Double-Ended Clamps, a 40mm Straight Link Tube, and a 5" x 9" Asymmetric T-Bar, forward/backward, left/right, and up/down transform from obstacles to options! Made for attachment to vertically oriented handlebars (like most trikes and USS recumbents), the Cockpit Mount with Vertical Attachment lets you put everything in the ideal position.

For you BROLers out there, check out Bryan Ball's opinion by clicking here.


1. What is this exactly?

Cockpit Mounts have 7/8 inch (22.2mm) diameter tubes that are designed to be attached on or around your handlebars to put things like computers, phones, and GPSs where you can reach them and more easily see them. 7/8 inch is the standard handlebar size, so things made to go on handlebars will go right on a Cockpit Mount. The Cockpit Mount system is based on a versatile set of clamps and articulating links. They are designed to be very adjustable and to work around objects that might be in the way. The top of the Cockpit Mount where you put your accessories is a generous 5 inches (12.5cm) wide- room for all sorts of things.

2. How do you install it?

Special clamps make everything easy. First, you decide where you'd like your accessories to be. Then, you adjust the mounting system to hold things there. The clamps are designed to attach to round tubes that are either 7/8 inch or 1 inch in diameter (be sure to check this option). This version of the kit, the Cockpit Mount with Vertical Attachment, is made to attach to a vertically oriented tube, such as the upward pointing portion of your handlebars. You generally attach them below where the brakes attach. We make a another version designed to be attached to horizontally oriented tubes. The clamps are designed so they open up and clamp around whatever spot you have open. There is no need to remove anything that is already on your handlebars or whatever tube you are attaching to.

3. How strong are they? What can you put on them?

Strong. You could probably pick your bike up with them. The real question is "What can I put on them?". The answer is "All sorts of things!". They can easily take a GPS, a phone, a mirror, even water bottles. There is enough room you can usually get two or three things on them if you wish.

4. What size range of tube can I attach to?

We make clamps for attaching to either 1 inch 7/8 inch tubes. Nearly all vertically oriented tubes will be 7/8 inch.

5. Can I attach to things that are not round?

Unfortunately, no. It's important that the tube you attach to is straight and round where the clamp attaches. The clamp is 1/2 inch (12m) wide, so this is usually pretty easy to do.

6. Can I get a wider tube at the top?

I want to attach lots of stuff. The T shaped mounting tube has a 5 inch side and a 9 inch (23cm) side. You are free to use either part of the T. The T is asymmetric, so you can reverse it if you want to move things in or out.

7. Can I mount a mirror?

Yes, easily. The tubing is 7/8 inch, the standard handlebar size, so regular mirrors fit inside or outside the mount. Cockpit Mounts make great places to put mirrors, because you can get the mirror out past your body and more easily see behind you.

8. Can I use it to help get up out of my trike?

Unfortunately, no. Cockpit Mounts are designed for mounting accessories like computers, phones, lights, mirrors, and GPSs. They are not designed to be an exit assist grip. They are strong, but not that strong! If you need an exit assist grip, you will need something designed for that purpose.


  • Hold things like cycle computers, mirrors, GPS units, cameras, and phones close at hand, right where you want them. 
  • 5in (125mm) wide T-Bar for accessories
  • Unique articulated mounting system lets you work around obstacles and put things right where you want them.
  • Quick attach open ended mounts- no need to slide on past anything, so there's no need to remove anything first.
  • Super stiff for extra stability- great for mirrors and cameras.
  • A special double ended clamp attaches to an existing tube, often your handlebars, but in this case, your direct steer horizontal tube. Since the clamp is open ended, it’s easy to install, even with everything else already there. Another double ended clamp holds a T bar for your accessories. The two clamps are joined in the middle by a third L shaped tube. The third tube in the middle lets you articulate the mount, much like your elbow allows you to move your arm in and out and swing it around. 
  • You simply install the mount, move things around to where they need to be, and lock the clamps. The clamps lock tight enough you can easily pick up your bike or trike by the T bar. 
  • Cockpit Mounts are available as kits and as individual pieces. We are starting out with two kits, one that's a Indirect Steer Horizontal Attach Kit designed for Catrikes and other Direct steered trikes. In individual parts, there are two types of clamps, two types of articulation tubes, and a T bar that’s asymmetric to maximize positioning options. We will be introducing additional clamps and other system parts in the coming months. The idea is to create a versatile, mix and match system for attaching whatever you need, wherever you need.
  • This Cockpit Mount Kit is designed to attach to a 7/8in Vertical Tube (22.2mm) tube (the diameter of your handlebars where the controls attach). The mounting clamp is 1/2in (12.7mm) thick, so all that's required is 1/2in of reasonably straight tube to clamp to. Because of the strength of the clamps, we don't recommend clamping to Carbon Fiber tubes. Other than that, if you have 1/2in of clear space on a 7/8in tube that's either straight or not curving very much, you can attach this mount. In most underseat steering applications, you'll attach it just below where the brake lever clamps on. 
  • The double ended clamps hold the centers of the tubes 2in (50.8mm) apart. With the two clamps in this kit joined by a central pivot tube, the T Bar where your accessories will go can be anywhere in the range about 0 to almost 4 inches (101.6mm) away from the tube you clamp to. The T Bar is 5in (125mm) wide and 9 in (225mm) tall. It's asymmetric so you can point it inboard or outboard. The link/pivot tube is 1.5in (40mm) tall. You are free to mix and match and rearrange the clamps, pivot tube, and T Bar to get the perfect location for your accessories. 
  • By putting the right amount of tension on the clamps, you'll find it's very easy to move things around and find the ideal position for everything. Once you've determined your ideal position, just tighten the clamps to lock everything in place. 
  • The T Bar is 7/8in diameter, so anything that's made to attach to a handlebar will be happy there. To attach a mirror inside the T Bar, simply remove one end cap and install the mirror as if it were on the end of a regular handlebar.
  • Weight: 7oz
  • This vertically attaching version of the Cockpit Mount system is usually used with underseat steered recumbent bikes and trikes, but there are lots of other places it will work. We make a different version for attaching to horizontally oriented tubes, intended for the horizontal portions of direct steered recumbent trikes.