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Topeak makes nice stuff, and their bags are no exception. The features, the stitching, the molded plastic parts, the attention to detail—it's all very good. And the price is right. We chose this bag because it's a nice, compact size, it has a nice, easy to operate zipper, and it pops on and off its mount nice and smoothly. Nice nice nice. It's padded too, and has a movable internal divider. It also converts to a fanny pack. It is not waterproof itself, but it does come with a waterproof cover that stashes inside the top.

Approximate Outer Dimensions (not counting protruding pocket):

4.5" x 6" x 7.5" (11.5cm x 15.25cm x 19cm)


1. Why this bag?

We looked at and tested a lot of bags before choosing the ones we wanted to sell. We liked this one because of the size, the price, and the quality of construction. The size is nice and small, but it's big enough to hold a camera, snacks, and a few things more. It's padded, so it keeps things protected from bumps and from your lunch getting too warm. And while it isn't waterproof, it does come with a waterproof cover.

2. It looks nice. Any other features?

It pops off and converts to a fanny pack, and has a movable internal divider, nice for creating a camera pocket.

3. Topeak makes bigger bags, too. Why not those?

We liked the bigger Topeak bags too, they are well made, are padded, and have interesting inside pocket options. But, they are not inherently waterproof, and while the zippers operate really well, they were not as convenient to open and close while riding as the comparable Arkel and Axiom bags. We can recommend the medium and large Topeak bags as well, we just decided the small Topeak was the most unique and interesting and the one we would carry. Lots of people like it for it's small size.


  • Very nicely made bag, especially for the price. Pops on and off easily. Converts to a fanny pack, which is interesting. Holds a decent amount of stuff and is easy to get along with.
  • Topeak mount includes a cable to prevent drooping. Waterproof cover stashes inside lid.
  • Locate and mark the mount where you want the bag to go. Remove the horizontal mounting tube from and screw the self tapping catchpost screw into the tube. Reinstall the tube and the mount. Route the cable around the catchpost and tighten the mount.
  • Fits any trike or bike with a Seatside Mount.