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WINTR Fairing Kit

24 reviews
SKU: WFK206.1

Welcome to the ultimate in protection from the elements: the WINTR Fairing Kit.  WINTR stands for Weather-Inhibiting 'N Travel Ready.  When the shelter provided by a time-tested Windwrap fairing combines with the easy to install and easy to transfer mounting hardware from T-Cycle, you have a system meticulously designed to keep you on the road no matter what the weather is doing.  Utilizing the power of T-Cycle's exquisite CNC machining, the mounting hardware is stronger and simpler to use than ever before.

Please contact us if you are installing this mount onto an HP Velotechnik trike.

The WINTR Fairing Kit includes a fairing along with all the mounting hardware needed to mount it to your bike or trike.

When choosing your Clamp Size, it may help to measure the diameter of your boom using our Tube Measuring Tool, which you can find here: www.t-cycle.com/tubemeasuringtool

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Tom C.
United States United States

Good product, but not a miracle for me

If this review was solely based on TerraCycle's customer service it would be a 5+. TerraCycle worked with me to get the fairing adjusted and working in the best possible way for me. I had high expectations that exceeded the ability of a front fairing, so the help it provided in the cold weather were not as much as I'd hoped. It blocks the wind well from the front, but since I ride in a big loop the wind would still get in from the sides and behind me (where it helped and acts like a sail). It does stand up well to 20+ MPH winds regardless of the direction, though. Unfortunately, with my poor night vision and the location of the headlight mount, the glare caused by the headlights on the fairing made it so I can't give the product 5 stars. If I never rode at night (or had better night vision), I wouldn't have noticed this. The design and engineering put into this universal design is top notch.

Theodore K.
United States United States

Wintr Fairing Kit

It is impossible to look over the fairing if you provide 1/2" clearance for your knees as per the instructions. The Spyder ATC is very low-slung, and regardless, I don't think you would want all that deflected air to hit you right square in the face. Luckily, The Lexan is clear enough to get a decent view of the road looking through it. If you need a better view, you simply have to temporarily bend the top part of the fairing down to see over it. In any case, there is a slight adjustment in the carbon fiber seat, but not enough to make a real difference. I am 6',1" with long legs and I have the boom out to its maximum extension to pedal efficiently. The stinger is likewise adjusted out to its max. The top mounting bar can't be centered in the clamp. To center the fairing on the trike, which seam right to me, the bar has to be offset from center. The build quality of the mounting hardware is superb. Although the fit on my trike is less than ideal, that's not your fault. I would appreciate any tips you can give me to achieve a better fit.

Meshel F.
United States United States

No instructions

There were absolutely no instructions for installing the fairing. With the cost being as high as it is for a plastic shield, you would think it would come with instructions. That being said, the fairing itself works really well.

John W.
United States United States

Great for riding on chilly mor

Difficult setting up. Video not work very h

David G.
United States United States

Windwrap Windchill Protection From the Cold Cold

This little video sums it up. It makes Minnesota winter riding more comfortable for Tilly and me. https://youtu.be/qeSn1UoPZK4