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Replacement pole sections for your Purple Sky flag. Top quality Made in USA black fiberglass. 1/4 inch (6.35mm) diameter. The lower section is tapered on both ends for easy insertion, and is available with a 6mm OD section on the bottom for use with 6mm flag mounts (Catrike, etc.). The upper section includes a top cap and a 1/4 inch (6.35mm) ID carbon fiber ferrule for holding a bottom section. A special silicone grip collar keeps the lower section firmly in place so it won't bounce out.

Both sections are 36 inches (91cm) long and when connected together are 70 inches (178cm) long.


1. I have an old Purple Sky Flag. Will this work with the other piece of my flag pole?

Yes, this is compatible with all Purple Sky Flags.

2. I have a different brand of flag and I want to upgrade the pole. Will this work with my flag?

Probably. We use 1/4 inch poles because the slightly smaller 6mm poles are too flexible and bend back too much while you're riding. If you have a 6mm pole currently, there is a chance this pole won't fit inside your flag. It's a small chance though, most flags are made with pretty generous flagpole slots. If you have a 6mm mount on your trike (Catrikes, mostly), be sure to select the 6mm end thinning option so the lower pole will fit into your holder.

3. I broke my old flagpole. Is this one any stronger?

If you currently have a 6mm flagpole, you will find that this pole is stiffer and stronger. It is made from slightly larger top quality Made in USA fiberglass, so it's very strong. But, it is designed to snap off if anything really bad happens.


  • USA made top quality black fiberglass poles. Carbon fiber ferrule on upper section, with silicone gripper collar to keep pole sections together. Optional 6mm end on lower pole for compatibility with 6mm flagpole mounts (Catrike, mostly).
  • 1/4 inch (6.35mm) black fiberglass poles. Both sections are 36 inches (91cm) long and when connected together are 70 inches (178cm) long.
  • The lower section can be shortened if needed. The usual fiberglass cutting protocols apply (cut with abrasive, fine saw, or file, and use eye, skin, and inhalation precautions). We use a wet tile saw, it works great. Smooth the end with fine sandpaper , file, or deburring wheel.
  • Replacing the lower pole is very easy- just swap it out. To replace the upper section, remove the flag from the pole. If you have a Purple Sky Flag, start by removing the plastic clip at the top and sliding the flag off. The flagpole has a cushioning tip at the top that will snag on the lower seam of the flag. This is a safety feature in case the clip ever gets broken or knocked off while you're riding. The bottom of the flag will need to be worked off the tip in order to be completely removed.
  • Once the flag is off the old pole, insert the new pole into the flag and slide it all the way up. Reinstall the clip, and you're good to go.