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Finally, you can now properly mount a kickstand to your large bottom tube Easy Racers bike!

This super sturdy custom made kickstand mount not only cradles the frame with precisely made clamps, it is strong enough, and spreads the load out enough, to use with a two legged kickstand. Enjoy the convenience and stability of a real kickstand- no more finding places to lean your bike and hoping it won't slither and fall.

Specially machined clamps fit the lower tube exactly and include cable tunnels specific to Easy Racers bikes. The kickstand mounting plate takes any standard kickstand. An m10x20 Button Head bolt is included for easy kickstand installation (much easier than the hex head bolts that come with most kickstands).

The optional kickstand is a Swiss made Esge to legged kickstand, widely acknowledged to be the best two legged kickstand. It's very sturdy, has a nice stable stance, and folds up small to tuck under your bike cleanly.

If you have a newer Easy Racers bike with the big bottom tube, remember that you can use one of our 1.5" Rad-Loc Easy Reacher Racks under your seat.


1. Why this mount?

Easy Racers bikes, especially with fairings, really benefit from having a kickstand. The laid back head angle and the fairing make the handlebars turn easily, so they are prone to rolling out and falling down. A kickstand, especially a nice double legged kickstand, is super convenient and keeps your bike secure when you park it.

2. What kickstands can I use?

Any standard kickstand. The mounting plate has a 10mm mounting bolt and standard spaced ridges on the sides to keep the kickstand from twisting.

3. What does Easy Racers think of this kickstand mount?

Easy Racers carries them and recommends them.


  • All parts machined from 6061T6 aluminum and anodized black. All bolts are stainless. One M10x20 Button Head bolt is provided to make attaching the kickstand easier.
  • Clamps are machined to exactly match the lower tube and include cable tunnels for the right side cable. The clamps are 1/2" wide and spaced 1" apart to spread the load from the kickstand into the frame. The 2" clamps are round and must be located on the round part of the tube. The tube is ovalized for several inches back near the rear weld area, so the mount needs to go ahead of that. Fortunately, that puts it in the perfect place for a kickstand.
  • Clamps are round and need to be placed ahead of where the lower tube tapers as it approaches the welded area at the back. Usually the ideal area to place the kickstand is a couple inches in front of the idler mount, which is well ahead of the tapered part of the tube.
  • Cable tunnels are provided, and you will need to reroute the cable through the tunnels after you install the mount.
  • To install, attach the kickstand to the mount using the provided m10 bolt. Remove the clamp arches from both clamps, then position the mount on the underside of the frame. Reattach the arches, double check the position and alignment, and tighten the clamps.
  • All newer Easy Racers bikes with the large lower frame tube.