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T-Newsletter #18, Spring 2015

T-Newsletter #18, Spring 2015

Oh my gosh, guys. I lied to you. It's true. I said that I'd be writing another post soon to give everyone the inside scoop on the SeatSide Mounts, and instead it took me seven months to find the time. Somehow, you guys found out about SeatSide Mounts without me doing a proper write-up and you have since kept us insanely busy. Don't get me wrong, we love it. But wow-whoa-wee-wah, friends! We've had trouble keeping parts on the shelves! That hasn't stopped us, though, from pressing ever onward. So, without further ado (and before another tsunami of orders comes in) let's talk shop. 

First order of business: the aforementioned SeatSide Mounts. Through cunning, engineering, and countless hours on our knees and backs underneath trikes, we've come up with an easy way to provide you with a mounting bar right by your side. Our mount can be supported either by the maintube of your trike or by the seat, depending on where we can get our custom, CNC-machined clamps to fit. Most kits only need one clamping area, one custom bent tube, and one straight tube in order to give you about 10" of mounting space close at hand. The Catrike Main Tube, HPVT Scorpion (and other Ergomesh seats) and the Terratrike Bottom of Seat kits have already been selling like crazy. We also make kits for the Hase Kettwiesel, HPVT Gekko, and ICE (Seat or Main Frame attachment), and are looking to expand our line. Moreover, because our mounts are so incredibly modular, we sell individual pieces of hardware, in case you might want to get all Modern Prometheus about it. Oh, another thing: Bryan Ball has promised us that he'll do a BROL review on SeatSide Mounts soon, so we'll let you know when that comes out. 

Secondly, you may've already heard the news, but we might as well say it here:

Those of you who have been longtime Purple Sky fans were sad to hear that Dan and Rachelle Peters decided to get out of the flag business. Luckily, T-Cycle is taking up the torch. We've gotten most of the equipment moved into our shop and have been in talks with the printer (the same one that has made Purple Sky flags so brilliant all these years) to start getting PS flags back on the market. It's going to take us a moment to get everything sorted out and up to speed, but we're super excited to start printing flags with our names on them and riding around the streets to show off for our friends... But I digress. Purple Sky! Soonsoonsoon! 

Also, and I know that those of you out there who've worked in a small shop will understand my excitement, we got a new workbench: