Schwalbe Tubes with 40mm Stems (Presta Valve) *WHILE SUPPLIES LAST*

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Frankly, Schwalbe says it best. But you can take it from us that these are the best tubes we've ever used. They stay full, don't leak over time like cheaper tubes, and are made of extremely high quality material, which shows in the range of sizes that the tubes can cover because of their excellent flexibility.

One piece of cycling knowledge that is supremely frustrating is tire sizing. The late Sheldon Brown, was, undoubtedly, the foremost authority on bike tire sizing of his time, and even he had to admit that "bicycle tires come in a bewildering variety of sizes."

For tire sizes, we primarily use the The European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO) method of measurement. The ETRTO format has been adopted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is recognized in the industry as a reliable and uniform method for tire sizing.

An ETRTO size is comprised of two millimeter measurements, separated by a hyphen: "Tire Width - Rim Diameter." A tire reading "50-406" is 50mm wide and 406mm in diameter. For convenience, we've included traditional units beside the ETRTO listings on our website.

Here's a good explanation of the difference between ETRTO, Inch and French readings.

Here's a link to Sheldon Brown's own website about the trials and tribulations of tire sizing.

Schwalbe tubes cost a bit more than most other tubes, but from the moment you open the box, you can tell why. Schwalbe rubber just feels different. It's tough and yet supple. And the valves- they're not the ordinary rubber towers, they are top quality metal, threaded all the way down. Why? So they are easier to mount, and won't slip and slide inside the tire, even when the pressure is low.

Ever seen a tire with the stem bent at an angle? That's because the tube has been pushed around inside the tire, either from when it was installed, or from hard braking when the inflation was low. You won't see that with these tubes- the threaded metal tower has a threaded collar that ensures the stem stays aligned. Besides looking nicer, it cuts down the chances a tipped over stem will fail and cause a leak.

And while we're on the topic of looking nicer, Schwalbe tubes have the nicest valve caps. They are molded from seriously tough clear plastic, and they look and feel just way nicer than typical caps. It's a small thing, but a nice touch, one that only comes with quality.

Pumping up tires can be a series of little annoyances- removing the cap, getting the pump head on, pumping up the tire, finding the cap again, putting the cap back on, etc. Besides the very nice habit of not needing to be pumped up nearly as often, Schwalbe tubes have a number of features to make the whole process easier. First, the cap is easy to grip, even with gloves. Second, the cap is tapered, so if you set it down, it won't roll away very far. Third, the fact that the stems are anchored to the rim means it's easier to get the pump head on, since the stem doesn't bend out of the way or poke back into the tire when you're trying to get the pump on. And lastly, the precision threading on the stem is easier for your pump to grip, so you are more likely to get a good grip the first time. All little things, sure, but the niceness adds up, and if you're like us, you'll come to enjoy these little things and be glad you paid a bit more to get them.

Schwalble is one of the largest bike tire manufacturers, and certainly the most innovative. Schwalbe controls all aspects of tire production, from the rubber plantation to processing to molding to extensive quality control. Schwalbe inner tube rubber is a special composition designed to hold air longer, and it does, quite noticeably. It is denser than regular inner tube rubber, and you can feel it when you handle one. It can be stretched to fill a wide range of tire widths, yet has fewer microscopic pores for the air to leak out. Many people feel they have to refill their Schwalbe tubes about half as often as a regular tube.

Regular inner tube care pertains. Talcum powder or other tube lubricant will ease installation and ensure longer life by ensuring the tube is uniformly inflated inside the tire. Be sure to check your rim strip while you have the tire off. A good quality rim strip is important, especially for high pressure tires. If you have a simple rubber strip, switching to a cloth or plastic strip will save trouble in the long run.

Schwalbe tubes fit all bikes and trikes. Note that Schwalbe tubes are available in both Schraeder (automobile) and Presta (French) type valves, and with a variety of different stem lengths. Most rims will use the regular 40mm size. Deep aero rims may need the longer stems.

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Dale D.
Canada Canada
Overall product and service quality

Great! Fantastic, the best.

Eric M.
United States United States
Original Equipment at a Great Price.

These tubes are original equipment on my Catrike. Glad to find the right tubes at a great price from someone I trust.

Richard L.
Schwalbe tubes and tires are simply the best. You will seldom hear anyone cursing their Schwalbes. Can you say the same about other brands? I sometimes buy in small bulk with a friend to insure that they are available!

See above: I love my Schwalbes, tires and tubes. It took riding recumbents to learn this valuable lesson!