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Handlebars ***WHILE SUPPLIES LAST***

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35 Degrees

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Want that perfect riding experience? Then the T-Cycle Handlebars are a necessary addition. We believe strongly that handlebars are not universal. Bikes come in more than one size and their components should too. With 12 different possible combinations (as well as the Lowracer Wide and Narrow bars), we're sure you'll find a match that makes your next ride a ride you'll love.


1. What is unique about your handlebars?

What is unique about our handlebars is the range of widths and angles. No one offers anything close to the range of combinations.

2. How do I figure out which ones I need?

That is a very good question. We have a webpage with a description of our recommended handlebar measuring process.

3. Will they fit my stem?

Almost certainly yes. Most all recumbent handlebar stems have a 1 inch (25.4mm) handlebar clamp. Our bars are 7/8 inch (22.2mm) but come with a 7/8 to 1 inch (22.2 to 25.4mm) handlebar shim, so they fit right into a regular stem.


  1. Open the handlebar clamp on your stem.
  2. Put the shim on the middle of your handlebar, and put your handlebar into the clamp.
  3. Tighten the clamp evenly but just enough so the bars don't move on their own.
  4. Sit down on your bike and adjust them to your preferred angle.
  5. Double check that they are centered, then tighten the clamp the rest of the way.


  • We make a very wide range of basic handlebars. They are basic in that they have all have a straight section in the middle and the ends bend down. The range of widths and angles is significant, however, and covers nearly any possible basic handlebar you might need.
  • In order to make sense of all the possibilities, we organize the choices by Grip Width and Grip Angle.
  • Grip Angle is pretty simple, it's defined as the angle of the grip, measured down from the horizontal.
  • Grip Width is defined the way it is for regular bicycle handlebars, as the distance between your hands sit when they are on the grips. The measurement is from the center of one palm to the center of the other when you are using standard grips and shifters/brakes. Note that this is related to the overall width of the handlebar, but is not the same. Where the overall width of the handlebar depends on the Grip Angle, the Grip Width does not. This makes it easier to compare handlebars with different angles- Grip Width always means the same thing- how far apart your hands are. Take a look at the drawings below and it will all make sense. Note how all the handlebars in a given column have the same Grip Width, but the overall width depends on the angle.
  • As you can see from the drawings, we measure the Grip Width 6.9cm (2.7in) up from the end of the handlebar. This is right in the middle of a standard grip. The overall length of the grip area is 17.1cm (6.7in). This is slightly more than is needed for a standard grip, shifter, and brake.
  • When we ream the bars for bar end shifters, we ream them out to the standard Shimano size and depth: 20mm ID (0.787in) to a depth of 40mm (1.6in).
  • Handlebars are made from 6061-T6 seamless drawn aluminum, powder coated black.
  • Bends are 100mm (4in) in radius. Both bends are in the same plane.
  • Reaming is performed on a custom basis after painting. We put your handlebar in a Delrin clamp in a boring bar holder on our manual lathe. We put the reamer in the headstock, and ream the ends of the bars one at a time. We use a 20mm (0.787in) reamer and ream the bars to a depth of 40mm (1.6in). This is the standard Shimano/SRAM bar end specification.
  • The bars are 22.2mm (7/8in) all the way across. We supply a standard 1" to 7/8" (25.4 to 22.2mm) handlebar shim with every handlebar, so you can use them in any stem made with a 1 inch (25.4cm) handlebar clamp.
  • Compatible with nearly any above seat steered recumbent bike.
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philip k.
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yep, i bought a few

these are really hard to find and to make correctly.