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As of October 3rd, the USPS will be raising its fees and "implement[ing] new service standards" that may delay deliveries. As proud supporters of the United States Postal Service, we will continue to use them as our main form of shipment. We will not be raising shipping and handling charges, but packages may take extra time to arrive. We urge you to call your representatives and let them know how important an affordable and accessible USPS is to us all.

Stems & Steering

Sure, it'd be easier to only make and only offer three steering systems, but we know that not everybody is either small, medium or large. Between our GlideFlex Stems, our mast and our array of handlebars, we are prepared to meet the need of any size, shape and proportion. Be sure to check out how we can help you find the perfect handlebars in our Handlebar Fitting FAQ. For those of you unconvinced, read up on why a good steering system makes a big difference.