Easy Knees Crank Shortener (Each)

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Many bikes and trikes are equipped from the factory with 170mm or 175mm cranks.  These are great for the long-legged or those of us with super human kneecaps, but for most people, they are just too long.   Easy Knees Crank shorteners allow you to effectively shorten your crank arm length and experiment to find out how much shorter works for you.  Crank shorteners can also be used to accomodate legs of different lengths.

If your legs are the same length, but maybe your knees aren't as good as they used to be, a shorter crank arm can help alleviate some of the strain.

These crank shorteners are designed for use by adults and for use with modern cranks with curvy, shaped arms.  The unique design of the side anchors makes them both very strong and able to handle any crank size and shape, even really wide or really curved ones. The side anchors that lock to the crank are super heavy duty to handle adult pedaling loads and have a very wide (22 to 44mm) adjustment range. The adjustment is both simple and very positive.  This feature is what drove us to make crank shorteners. No other crank shortener can handle the range of crankarms or pedalling forces that these can.

 If you have one bad knee or have limited range of motion in just one leg, check out our Easy Knees Pedal Swing.  It is designed to help you find the right pedal stroke for each leg instead of compromising on a single adjustment that doesn't truly fit either leg. With a pedal swing, even though both legs are the same length, they can each have different range of motion.

Black anodized and laser marked. Stainless crank attachment bolts are made in house.

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Sharon F.
United States United States
Best item for short women!

This item makes a huge difference on my trike. I am 5’1” and the original cranks on my catrike are made for longer legs. These make it much more comfortable for me to pedal. Until you try it it’s hard to understand the difference. Love them!

Dale G.
United States United States
The crank shortener is great

I am an above the knee amputee. I don’t have full flexion at the knee or ankle of my artificial leg. The crank shortener is great to help me pedal more comfortably and with a smooth cadence.

Gail G.
United States United States
Thank you!

I had no idea that cranks could, or should, be shortened until some discussion on recumbent riding groups. What a difference it makes! Because your product is adjustable, it allows for trying different positions to find the best place. Having shorter cranks makes pedaling so much more natural feeling for this shorter person!

Jane K.
United States United States
Game changers

The Crank Arm shorteners are the best thing to happen to my riding in the 12 years I have been recumbent riding. I literally cannot wait to ride every single day now. I had no idea that the incorrect crank arm lengths could make so much difference. I never had pain or discomfort, but it never quite "felt right." It is perfect now. Thanks so much. = Jane Knight

Jane K.
United States United States
Easy Knees crank shorteners were a game changer

I have been riding recumbent trikes for over 12 years. I have always been very active and involved in the recumbent world. However, I never considered myself to be a real "rider". It just seemed that I could not find my "groove", I tried pedal extenders, mid sole cleats. While they dd improve my riding, they were not that magical "fix.". Some one mentioned shorter cranks earlier this year, It turned the light bulb on in my brain that this may have something to do with my lack of ability. I wanted to get custom fitted for the correct crank arm length, but the bike shop is unable to do custom fittings in the pandemic. So I started loo king closely at movable crank arm shorteners. I read reviews, and with the reputation of Terra Cycle products, I opted to go for these more expensive Easy Knees. They arrived last week and were very simple to install. I started out with the longest setting. It felt better. But my magic number was the second longest setting. I felt like yelling "BINGO". I was floored that these Easy Knees totally changed my riding. I am training for the Arkansas Senior Games cycling competition. In just four days, I feel like I am at a point in my training I never thought could reach. I installed the Easy Knees on my Catrike 700 that I have on a stationary trainer. I ordered a second set of Easy Knees for my Catrike 700 race trike. If I hit the lottery, I am ordering sets for my four other trikes. I am 5'5" and my trikes have never felt quite "right". with the Easy Knees crank arm adjusters, it is as though my stars finally aligned and all is well with the world! Thank you Terra Cycle for designing and manufacturing the missing piece to my puzzle!

T-Cycle Easy Knees Crank Shortener (Each) Review