Cateye RapidX2 Lights

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We searched all over and tried out lots of lights, and these are the best, hands down, for use on a flag pole. They are made for bladed seatposts, and so they fit right on to a flagpole with a simple O-ring, no shims or adapters required. They are thin and aero, super BRIGHT, and USB rechargeable. Easy on/off, great side visibility, and they run for a long time. Made by Cateye, known for making some of the most reliable lights out there. Available in 100 lumen white for pointing forwards, and 80 lumen red for pointing backwards. Both have exceptionally wide illumination patterns, and are very visible from the side and even a bit 180 degrees from the main beam. The rear light, for example, even has a noticeable amount of visibility from the front. There are 6 flashing modes, ranging from 1 hour on steady super bright to 30 hours on regular flash. Other patterns come in at 5, 8, 16, and 16 hours of run time. We are very happy with these lights. They work well, are very visible, they don't weigh down your flagpole, and they fully recharge in 2-3 hours.


1. There are lots of lights out there. What makes these lights so special?

These lights are nice and thin, and they fit directly to the flagpole. They are very bright, are visible from the sides, have a nice selection of patterns, and they just work well on a flagpole. There are lots of other lights, and we tried a lot of them. These are the best by far we found for use on a flag pole.

2. You sell a mount for regular lights to go on a flagpole. Why is that?

There are lots of great lights out there. Almost any of them can be used on a flag pole by using our mount. If you have a light you really like, all you need is our flagpole mount. If you're looking for a thinner, lighter, or perhaps brighter light, we recommend these.


  • These lights are the Cateye RapidX2 lights. You can order the red only, or the white only, or both. Cateye makes some other similar lights; we felt these were the best value. The original RapidX is less expensive and less bright, and the RapidX3 is insanely, rudely bright, and much more expensive.
  • Comes with two very tough attachment O rings and a mini USB cable. You can recharge from any computer and most phone chargers.
  • Patterns are: 1. Full Power Steady (1 hour); 2. Low power steady (5 hours); 3. Regular Flash (30 hours); 4. Rapid Flash (16 hours); 5. "Pulse", a sort of surging pattern (16 hours); and 6. "Vibration", an attention getting sort of jittery pattern (8 hours). When the battery runs low, it automatically switches to Regular Flash.
  • To install, position the light on the flagpole and put on the smaller of the two O rings. Wiggle the light back and forth a bit to settle things in. Press and hold the switch to turn on or off, and press the switch briefly to change modes.
  • To recharge, open the silicone USB port cap and connect a mini USB cord. A short one is provided, you can also use a longer one of you want to keep the light on your bike or trike while charging. (You do have to skootch the light over a bit on the pole to do this, but it is doable.)
  • Will work on any flagpole from 6mm to 3/8 inch, and on any tube from 6mm to 31.6mm (1.25in).
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Rene G.
Canada Canada

Looks good Will see when use in the Spring

Cecil T.
United States United States
Front and rear visibility is essential.

They work perfectly and are very much appreciated.

A T-Cycle Customer
Philip L. Demers
United States United States
Very nice light

Easy to install, the light works as advertised and recharged quickly.