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XT Mini Fairing Kit

XT Mini Fairing Kit

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Product Description Overview

The XT Mini Fairing Kit is the easiest way to make an aerodynamic and foot-warming improvement to your trike or bike. The universality XT Mount and the ease XT Fairing makes the XT Mini Fairing Kit your choice for simplicity and for peace of mind. Super easy installation, super easy on/off when it's time to put your bike/trike in the car.

Here's what a couple BROLers had to say.


Frequently Asked Questions- Windwrap XT Fairing Kit

1. Will the XT Fairing fit my trike?

Yes, if it's a tadpole trike. The mounting system is extremely versatile, and we haven't found a tadpole trike it won't fit. If you have a Delta trike, like a Hase or Anura, it depends. We have a different kit for them (XT Remote).

2. How easy is it to install?

Installation is super easy. All you do is attach a small mount to the bottom of your main tube with band clamps. The main part of the frame slides over that and locks on with a collar clamp. 

3. What about tinted fairings?

Some people say they feel cooler under a tinted fairing. Others just say they are cooler looking. We haven't measured the solar radiation shading provided by the tinting, so we can't make any claims for it. We think it does provide some shading effect. The cooler looking thing is very  personal, it depends on the look you want. 

4. How much faster will I be?

That depends very much on what the fairing is attached to and how it is set up, so there's no ready answer. The XT is a small fairing, so it's aero effects aren't as big as the larger fairings. Some people get noticeable improvements, and some find they can't tell. Some find they don't notice much of an effect until they're going into a headwind.

5. How much will it keep the wind and rain off me?

Your feet will be well protected. Your lower legs will get some protection, depending on the weather and how you have things adjusted. In general, your feet will be a lot drier, and in the winter, a lot more comfortable.

6. How easy is it to get it in my car?

The fairing itself removes in about 30 seconds. You can then roll it up into a much smaller package. We make fleece covers for this, with drawstrings and elastic edges, but you can use a blanket or a large towel as well.

The main part of the mount is also held in place with a collar clamp, so it can be removed very quickly. Most people find they just loosen the collar clamp (5mm allen) and slip the mount off with the fairing attached. It goes back on in about 10 seconds.

7. Can I attach things to the mount, like lights, computers, and GPSs?

Yes. We sell mounts for lights outside the fairing, and you can attach things to the vertical or horizontal tubes of the mount. We recommend lights outside the fairing, as it doesn't affect the beam pattern, and doesn't reflect back at you at night. Some people do it, and like it, but it's not what we would recommend. The upper T part of the mount is a great place for mirrors.

If you need a way to mount something, say a GPS, to the fairing mount, our Accessory Mounts are very good for that.

8. How long does a fairing last?

A long time. We make our fairings from Macrolon and Lexan brand polycarbonate. Both are super tough and can take a lot of abuse. Things like cracking are not a problem. It does scuff, but we include a polish kit to help you keep it looking new.


More Details

More Details

In keeping with TerraCycle's insane quest for adjustability, you can easily adjust the fairing up/down, forward/back, and set the attack angle. Each adjustment is independent, so it's easy to dial things in just the way you want them. 

On most bikes and trikes, this mount attaches to the bottom of the main tube about 5-7 inches (12-18cm) behind the cranks. 


Technical Info

Technical Info

The XT Fairing is designed for full coverage around the cranks. Actual dimensions are:

Fairing Width Height (typical adjust) Depth (curve depth) Length
XT 18in (46cm) 19in (48cm) 7.5in  (19cm) 22in (56cm)

Width, length, and depth dimensions do not change depending on how you have the fairing mounted and adjusted. The effective height varies with the angle adjustment.

The fairing is blown from premium brand polycarbonate (Macrolon for clear fairings, and Lexan for tinted fairings). The mount is made from machined from aluminum and depending on the part, are powder coated or black anodized. All fasteners are stainless steel.

Owner's Manual

Owner's Manual

 Complete full color instructions are included with your fairing. We'll get a link to a .pdf download of the manual soon. 


Compatible Bike List

Compatible Bikes List

 The XT fairing and mount fit a wide variety of bikes and trikes- every tadpole trike, and most bikes with the cranks ahead of the front wheel. On the Rans V-Rex, there are tubes coming up to the BB from below that prevent the standard mount from working. In that case, you will need to use the deraileur post mount. Contact us for details..

If you have any questions, consult our Fairing Fit Chart or email us for more details. We ask for your make and model of bike/trike when you order to make sure we send you what you need.

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