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RNS Long Wheelbase Fairing Kit

RNS Long Wheelbase Fairing Kit

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Price: $378.00



Product Description Overview
The RNS Long Wheelbase Fairing Kit is a mount and fairing that turns with your handlebars, built for bikes with long wheelbases and available for Chopper or T-Bar handlebars. The fairing comes slotted to find around your front wheel and provide coverage from your hands all the way down to your toes. The fairing is designed to provide great aerodynamics and good foot clearance, with the main curve of the bubble shifted up slightly, compared to the ERX fairings. The hardware mounts with stainless steel lower mounting arms, (optional Minoura clamps available for forks without fairing bosses) and lightweight welded aluminum that attaches to your handlebars. Vibrations are isolated at the top and bottom to make your ride smoother and view clearer. Get it tinted for extra sun protection, or get it clear. Either way, the RNS Long Wheelbase Fairing is going to make riding your 'bent much sweeter.


Frequently Asked Questions- Windwrap RNS Fairing Kit

1. I have an Rans bike. Is this the fairing for me?

That depends. If it is a LWB Rans bike with the cranks up above the level of the front axle, then the answer is yes. If the cranks are down lower, more like a Tour Easy, then the WERX fairing would be better.

The shape of this fairings is specifically designed for aerodynamically smoothing LWB bikes with the cranks in higher than front axle position. The mounts are simple, elegant, light, and- Quiet!

2. Should I get the standard width RNS fairing or the wider WERX fairing?

That's a good question, and it depends. The WERX is wider by about 1.5 inches. This provides more weather protection, is better for mounting bodysocks, and may be more aero for you and your bike. This depends greatly on you and your bike. The choice is yours. If one of your main goal is weather protection, the WERX is the way to go. The RNS is best if your cranks are up really high.

3. What about tinted fairings?

Some people say they feel cooler under a tinted fairing. Others just say they are cooler looking. We haven't measured the solar radiation shading provided by the tinting, so we can't make any claims for it. We think it does provide some shading effect. The cooler looking thing is very personal, it depends on the look you want.

4. How much faster will I be?

That depends very much on what the fairing is attached to and how it is set up, so there's no ready answer. From coastdown testing, about 4-5%. This is very noticeable.

5. How much will it keep the wind and rain off me?

Your feet and lower legs will be well protected. Your upper legs and torso will get some protection, depending on the weather and how you have things adjusted. In general, you will be a lot drier, and in the winter, a lot more comfortable.

6. How easy is it switch things so I can carry it on my car?

The fairing itself removes in about 30 seconds. You can then roll it up into a much smaller package. We make fleece covers for this, with drawstrings and elastic edges, but you can use a blanket or a large towel as well.

7. Can I attach things to the mount, like lights, computers, and GPSs?

Yes, on the standard width chopper bar mount. On the other mounts, no, there is no place to mount them. For lights, we make a LWB light mount that allows you to attach multiple lights above and beside the front wheel. We recommend lights outside the fairing, as it doesn't affect the beam pattern, and doesn't reflect back at you at night. Some people do it, and like it, but it's not what we would recommend.

8. How long does a fairing last?

A long time. We make our fairings from Lexan and Macrolon brand polycarbonate. They are both super tough and can take a lot of abuse. Things like cracking are not a problem. It does scuff, but we include a polish kit to help you keep it looking new.



More Details

The RNS is a classic fairing with many hundreds roaming the world every day. The special stainless steel and powder coated tubular aluminum mounts are rugged and the special rubber vibration isolation mounts make things very quiet. If you have a LWB bike, fairing is one of the single most important upgrades you can make for speed and all around weather protection.

On Handlebar Type

The upper mounts are made differently for different types of handlebars.

  • If you have a Rans bike with the wide Chopper bars, choose the Chopper Bars (Wide Width) option
  • If you have a Rans or other bike with a single steering mast coming up to a T bar handlebar, choose the T-Bar Handlebars option
  • If you have an older Rans with chopper bars, a Sun bike, or most other brands of chopper bars, choose the Chopper Bars (Standard Width) option.


Technical Info

Technical Information- Windwrap RNS Fairing Kit

The laser cut stainless lower mounts attach to your fork blades. On most bikes, we provide two Minoura mounts to hold our stainless lower mounts to the fork. The upper mount is made from aluminum tube, welded and powder coated. Rubber swell nuts with thumbscrews attach the fairing both top and bottom. Attachment and adjustment are very easy.

Fairing Width Height (typical adjust) Depth (curve depth) Length
RNS 18in (46cm) 36in (91cm) 6.5in (17cm) 43in (109cm)

Dimensions vary a bit depending on how you have the fairing mounted and adjusted.

The fairing is blown from premium brand polycarbonate (Macrolon for clear fairings, and Lexan for tinted fairings). The mount is made from tubular aluminum and stainless steel. All fasteners are stainless steel.


Owner's Manual

Owner's Manual

Complete full color instructions are included with your fairing. We'll get a link to a .pdf download of the manual soon.

Compatible Bike List

Compatible Bikes List

The RNS fairing and mounts fit a wide variety of LWB bikes-  Rans, Lightfoot, Cycle Genius, and others. Basically, most ASS LWB bikes with the cranks above the axle of the front wheel. We make another fairings (the ERX) for lower BB bikes, and a wider, more general purpose fairing (the WERX) that fits both low and high BB bikes.

If you have any questions, consult our Fairing Fit Chart or email us for more details. We ask for your make and model of bike when you order to make sure we send you what you need.

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