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Big Apple RaceGuard

Big Apple RaceGuard

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Product Description Overview
Schwalbe Big Apple tires are amazing! It is almost like having a shock system built into your wheels. They float across the road. These tires can be run at lower pressures because of their size, which means they keep contact with the pavement for less rolling resistance in places where other, higher pressure tires are bouncing all over the place. Many trike riders have fallen in love with these tires for their passive suspension. We are only offering the largest sizes but can usually obtain other Big Apple sizes if you contact us directly by phone or email. If you live in an area that has less than ideal roads, you might consider these tires to smooth out the ride!


What's Up With Tire Sizes?
One piece of cycling knowledge that is supremely frustrating is tire sizing. The late Sheldon Brown, was, undoubtedly, the foremost authority on bike tire sizing of his time, and even he had to admit that "bicycle tires come in a bewildering variety of sizes."

For tire sizes, we primarily use the The European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO) method of measurement. The ETRTO format has been adopted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is recognized in the industry as a reliable and uniform method for tire sizing.

An ETRTO size is comprised of two millimeter measurements, separated by a hyphen: "Tire Width - Rim Diameter." A tire reading "50-406" is 50mm wide and 406mm in diameter. For convenience, we've included traditional units beside the ETRTO listings on our website.

Here's a good explanation of the difference between ETRTO, Inch and French readings.
Here's a link to Sheldon Brown's own website about the trials and tribulations of tire sizing.

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