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On BROL, Dinero writes: "Several years ago I acquired a Fujin SL. First, let me praise Challenge for manufacturing an insanely fast bike that handles like a fighter jet. Second, let me curse Challenge for crippling the Fujin SL by placing the most unreliable chainline on the bike that I have ever experienced. After experiencing chainline malfunctions on several occassions and having to walk the bike back to my car it was given a honored place of permanent storage way in the back of my garage. I knew that my best, if not only, hope for a solution was Terracycle. What I purchased from Terracycle was a superbly engineered solution. The chainline is almost silent, tight, and will hopefullly prove to be extremely reliable. My Fujin SL is now an absolute joy to ride. The purchase of the Terracycle replacement chainline has allowed me to recoup my investment in a rather expensive bicycle. Thanks."

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