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Catrike Return Idler Completer Kit

Catrike Return Idler Completer Kit

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Price: $87.00



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The Catrike Return Idler Kit Add-On is for Catrikes that already have a TerraCycle Power Idler. It's known around the shop as the "Completer Kit," because most Catrikes come stock with a TerraCycle Power Idler and this add-on is all they need to optimize the chainline and, in many cases, completely do away with chaintubes. This kit comes with a Sport or Elite Return Idler, a longer stainless steel bolt and a Stainless Steel Chain Keeper. Just like the Catrike Dual Idler Kit, the result is a chainline optimized by top of the line TerraCycle parts. Also like the Dual Idler Kit, the Return Idler Kit Add-On now comes with a Floating Chaintube Holder.


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