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Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

Price: $10.00



Product Description Overview
After purchasing a gift certificate, you will receive a standard email confirming your purchase. All certificates are printed on card stock, handled (with care) by the TerraCycle team and may include a short message. As the benefactor, you will receive an unassuming piece of mail containing both the Gift Certificate and instructions on how to use said certificate. Gift Certificates come in multiples of $10. Use the Quantity box to designate how much money you'd like to have available for the certificate (1=$10, 2=$20, 3=$30, and so on).

If your recipient just can't wait, then you do have the option of handling the gift certificate electronically. Upon purchase of the certificate, you will notice you now have the option to "Send A Gift Certificate." After clicking the "Send A Gift Certificate" button, simply enter in the name and email of the recipient and the amount. The person to whom you send the gift certificate will receive an email with a code that they may use on the website in order to add bling and supreme functionality to their own bike or trike.


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