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Sykes Wooden Fenderset

Sykes Wooden Fenderset

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Made here in SE Portland by our friend, Paul Sykes, Sykes Wooden Fendersets are beautifully handcrafted accessories that grew out of the rainy Pacific Northwest and are now sold worldwide. Each fender is made to order from laminated hardwood for strength and flexibility. They are hand sanded and coated, using layers of epoxy and marine varnish to ensure long-lasting durability. Choose your color and size and start riding in style!


1. What's the deal with these? I've seen other wood fenders.

Paul Sykes is an avid cyclist and woodworker and is one of the pioneers of the wooden fender renaissance. He has been making fenders for a long time and they are highly developed. The structure, the materials, the mounting hardware- everything is well proven.

The fenders we list here are Recumbent Specific- for mixes of wheel sizes, for trikes, for all the unique mounting options needed on recumbents. Paul knows fenders, we know recumbents, and we pool our resources to bring you the coolest custom fender sets your bike has ever set eyes on.

Sykes Fenders are laminated from layers of hardwood veneer, epoxied together using a special process, the coated with a super tough and very nice looking urethane varnish. All the fittings are custom made from stainless steel and other inherently non corroding materials. They are very durable, very quiet, and very stylish. They are easily up to handling everyday hits and bashes. With their deeply laminated construction, we like to call them "Mother Nature's Carbon Fiber". They really are that tough.

2. Can I just order direct?

Yes, you can. Our role is in helping you and Paul with the technical details necessary to get all the details right on recumbents.

More Details

More Details
Paul Sykes quietly works from his workshop in Portland, Oregon creating wonderful handmade fenders. They are so beautiful that they could just as easily be hanging in an art museum. The fenders are laminated hardwood for strength and flexibility, hand sanded and coated with epoxy and layers of marine varnish. They feature all stainless steel hardware, and come in a variety of recumbent specific sizes. Rain tested in Portland, Oregon! Treat your bike to the best. Each Fender set is hand made for you after ordering. Paul is presently swamped with orders so delivery will be between 4-6 weeks. We will email you with a confirmation that we have the order correct prior to passing this on to Paul. These fender sets are for "Recumbents Only", Paul does make sets for diamond frame bikes, however we are not the dealer for these. This could quite possibly be the most beautiful upgrade you ever make to your bike! We hope you feel it is worth the wait!

Technical Info

Paul makes or has made for him all the metal bits needed. He has an amazing variety of brackets, stays, and mounting hardware. What he doesn't make in house, he has custom laser cut here in Portland.

All fenders come with beautifully styled replaceable plastic spray skirts.

I have personally been using a set on my commute bike for 7 years. They have been trouble free and the quietest fenders I have ever used. They look basically new whenever I clean them and constantly bring positive comments even in cycling jaded Portland.

Owner's Manual

No particular care is required. The urethane coating is extremely durable and care free. Wiping them down periodically to let the glow of the wood show through is all you should ever need to do.

Compatible Bike List

Since they are custom made, they are compatible with nearly any bike or trike. If you have a particularly unusual bike or trike, it may take some back and forth to dial in all the mounts and sizing details. Contact us for details.

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