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Catrike Assist Arms

Catrike Assist Arms

Price: $149.00



Product Description Overview

If you have a Catrike, these are the Assist Arms for you! Designed after extensive research with real people in real world situations, these arms provide the forms of support you need to safely and comfortably get on and off your trike.


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Technical Info

Made in USA from powder coated 6061T6 aluminum. Low profile mounts are made here in our shop in Portland, OR, USA.

Arms are 1 inch (25.4mm) diameter for easier gripping.

Owner's Manual

Arms are usually mounted behind the brakes and shifters. About 1.75 inches (45mm) of open space is required at the end of the horizontal steering arm. Unless you have your controls mounted all the way out at the ends of the steering arms, slide them forward as necessary to make room for the Assist Arm clamps. Attach the clamps and install the arms. Adjust the arms so they are plumb and level and there is enough room to easily reach the controls.

If you need your controls all the way out at the ends of your steering arms, use the low profile mounts to attach the arms ahead of the controls. The clamps are designed so the heads of the bolts face inward for easy wrench access.

When getting on, stand where you usually would right in front of the main cross tube. Reach down and move your hands inward and you'll automatically find the arms. Grab the arms and rest your arms on them as you sit down. To get up, first grip the curved part of the arm closest to you and use it to pull yourself to an upright posture. Then reach forward on the main part of the arm and pull yourself up. You can rest you arm on the foam cushion as you do this.

Compatible Bike List

All Catrikes

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