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Accessory Mount for Long Wheelbases

Accessory Mount for Long Wheelbases


Does not work on Easy Racers with carbon fiber forks.

Price: $75.00



Product Description Overview
Finally! A light mount for long wheelbase bikes with fairings. The Accessory Mount for Long Wheelbases lets you mount 2 lights above the front wheel and 2 lights down lower. You read that right: up to 4 lights on one super-sturdy accessory mount! The mount is adaptable to a wide range of bikes, models and fork shapes. Includes a stabilizing arm to firm up the front fender, should your front fender need firming. If you have a long wheelbase bike and are tired of riding in the dark, then this ultra-strong accessory is the light at the end of the tunnel!


1. Why this mount?

Because putting lights on the front of a faired LWB bike is very difficult otherwise. This mount attached to the fork and puts mounting spots for up to 4 lights out in front of the fairing.

2. How does it work?

Two long curving arms attach to the fork and follow the curve of the fairing up to above the front wheel. A 1 inch diameter tube connects across the two arms above the front wheel. Two stabilizing arms attach to the fender eyelets (yes you can still use your fenders) and go up to the main arms. The stabilizing arms attach to the main arms through short, 1 inch diameter tubes. The tubes allow rotational adjustment and a an additional place to attach lights.

3. Will it fit my bike?

If you have a rim braked bike, there is almost certainly a configuration of this mount that will fit your bike. If you have a front disk, the answer all depends. Best to email us photos in that case.

More Details

Fits a lot of different bikes, from Easy Racers to Lightfoot to Rans. If you have an upright bike, you'll want the Randonneuring Light Mount.

Our friends at made this very well done installation video that answers a lot of questions about how it works:

Technical Info

Works with 20 inch forks. Machined aluminum parts, black anodized. All stainless hardware. The stabilizing arms make this mount VERY stiff and strong. We have been commuting with and bashing one for years now with no ill effect.

Owner's Manual

Check out this installation video that our friends at made. If a picture is worth 1000 words, this video is worth 10,000!

Compatible Bike List

Fits a wide variety of LWB bikes. Disk brakes can sometimes be a problem, email us with photos in that case.

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