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TailSok Light Mount

TailSok Light Mount

Price: $29.00



Product Description Overview
This clever little mount lets you put one light out the back of your sock, and another light INSIDE your sock to really really light things up! Having a light out the back makes obvious sense, but lighting your sock from the inside really makes an attention-getting display. Designed to slide right on your TerraCycle TailSok Frame.


1. What does this do?

It lets you put one light out the back of your sock, and another light inside your sock.

2. Do I need this?

It depends. We find them very nice to have while commuting and riding after dark. If your bike already has good places to mount a rear light and an inside light, then you wouldn't need it, but on most bikes, a rear light in the most common places would be covered up by the sock. This mount puts the rear light out the back of the sock, and fairly high up for visibility. It also puts the inside light in a good place for illuminating the sock, and where it will be easy to reach to turn it on and off.

3. What do you recommend for an inside light?

Any bright white light with a fairly wide beam pattern will do. What you want is to illuminate the sides of the sock, so something with wide beam or side lobes is good.

More Details

Attaches to the lower left leg of your TerraCycle TailSok Frame. It is made from the same material as the frame, with 1 inch rubber bushings where the lights go. It comes with another sliding adjuster clamp to attach it to the frame.

Technical Info

Aluminum rod with 1 inch rubber bushings for mounting two lights. It is designed to attach to the lower left leg of the TailSok frame just under the top of the wheel arch in the back of the sock. One of the light mounts sticks out behind the sock, and one is just inside the arch of the sock.

Owner's Manual

Slide the tube to tube adjuster clamp onto the lower left leg of the TailSok frame and position the mount so the end light mount bushing is outside the sock and the other mount bushing is just inside the sock. Tighten the adjuster clamp. Attach your lights and test.

Compatible Bike List

Compatible with any TerraCycle TailSok frame.

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