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T-News 2014

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T-Newsletter #16, June 2014

This Memorial Day Weekend marked another successful open house at TerraCycle following the OHPV's 2014 HPC races at PIR. We were delighted to see so many people come out and have a good time.

T-Newsletter #15, April 2014

Happy spring, friends! It feels good to let the sun hit our skin just before a surprise shower soaks our cut-off jeans.

Recently birthed into the TerraCycle family is a complete redesign of our 23-Tooth Power Idler. Slated for release in the very-near future, the new and improved idler features more durability, stability, mobility, credibility, tranquillity and infallibility. Utilizing the structural prowess of the triangle, we've created an idler so tough that it will survive even the brutalest of velomobile speed races. With every step that we took to increase strength, we also challenged ourselves to cut weight by removing every shred of unneeded material. And if that's not enough, this thing is intricately beautiful: CAD-perfected symmetry in rounded triangular corners, 23 holes that allow light through the space between each of the 23 precisely milled teeth, a cog that mimics the contours of the outer plates to add a sheen of metallic brilliance to the mix, and a clean, white lasermarked TerraCycle brandname to let people know you got the greatest quality available. I beg your pardon; I'm just really excited.

Moving to a more serious matter, we'd like to remind our customers that TerraCycle takes security seriously. When we heard about the threat of the Heartbleed Bug that compromised the security of websites across the world, we made sure that our site, and the personal information of our customers, was safe. Because we'd built our website with the same attention to detail and insistence upon perfection that we make our products, we realized that our site was not susceptible to the bug. We will continue to do all we can to provide a trustworthy marketplace for exquisite recumbent parts.

Finally, for those of you who missed the write-up that Bryan Ball, Managing Editor of 'BentRider Online, did for our Windwrap GX Fairing, then you can visit that article by clicking here. Happy riding.

T-Newsletter #14, March 2014

Hello, and welcome, again, to another riveting newsletter from your favorite bike part producing pals. The sun is beginning to linger a bit longer each day, which means spring is right around the corner.

What a perfect time for a Windwrap fairing! Down in California, one lucky kid finds himself riding a trike at school. The tinted fairing keeps the UVs off his legs and ensures maximum aerodynamics in the whipping winds. Thanks to Brad for the photo.

This month is a bit sentimental for the shop as our own Jon Petersen is moving on to bigger and better different things. While in school for mechanical engineering, Jon was a smiling and hardworking part of the TerraCycle team. We wish him all the best.

T-Newsletter #13, February 2014

A belated happy new year to everyone! TerraCycle is back in the shop.

So, what's changed in the past couple months? Well, aside from finally getting around to installing heat in the shop,

  • We now sell Ten-Speed (X10.93) Chain! More and more bikes these days require ten-speed, so we thought we'd offer the opportunity to buy bulk chain at a considerable discount to what you'll find in stores. Buying bulk chain means you get exactly what you need, instead of buying lengths of 128" and throwing what you don't need into a box. As we do with our nine-speed chain, every purchase of ten-speed chain will also include a Quick Link Connector to make your chain complete.

  • For those of you who've ordered a Windwrap Fairing with a OnePoint Mount from us, you'll have noticed a brand new connector between the riser tube that extends from the hinge and the crossbar that attaches to the fairing itself. It looks a little something like this:
    This new T-Clamp makes installation and adjustment so much easier than ever before! One bolt, hidden inside the tube, locks the T-Clamp in place, while four bolts and two arches can be easily removed and tightened using an 3mm Allen wrench.

  • We've added a Blemmed Fairings section, where you can find fairings with minor imperfections at reduced prices. If you're looking for aerodynamic and weather-protective features, and don't mind a small aesthetic flaw, then it's worth checking out Blemmed Fairings.

  • Also, we've been hard at work on a brand new project that we're not QUITE ready to name. It's a redesign of an already popular product; and it will prove to be more protective, durable and stylish than ever. Let's just say it'll give you 23 reasons to buy a new idler...
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