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T-News 2013

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T-Newsletter #13, December 2013, Part Two

HEY! I know it's almost the new year and I know that our last communiqué came with a tone of finality, but we have one last important announcement to make before we let you enjoy your holidays. The XT Light Mount has been revamped! What was once a mount of snap block and band clamp technology, now utilizes the sleek, beautiful and powerful Double-Ended Cockpit Clamp. Easier to use, stronger than ever, and elegantly blingish, the new and improved XT Light Mount makes lighting your way insanely easy. How easy could it be? Well, Mike Hernandez, in his shortest episode of "Growing Your Brain with Mike Hernandez" ever, shows you just how easy it is:

T-Newsletter #12, December 2013

It's coooooooooooooooooooooold. But that doesn't stop us from riding to work five days a week to pump out premium products for the people we love (that's you). We've been working our frosty fingers to the bone because recumbent parts is our passion. Anyway, enough unneeded alliteration. What've we got for you? Well, we've got GIFT CERTIFICATES. Yes, that's right. They're made right here on our fancy, schmancy laser printer and signed using our fancy, schmancy pens. They're perfect for gift-giving because it lets your special someone know that your love is of a quality that only a product from TerraCycle could capture. Plus, it lets the bike nerd in your life choose her/his own parts, as only s/he knows what is exactly right. (An aside: We mean no hard feelings to bike nerds; the TerraCycle Team is a group of bike nerds and, while we respect a bike part as a gift, we'd much rather have the ability to pick it out ourselves—that's why we made the gift certificate.) You can find those certificates here, by the way.

Sometimes when the heat in your shop isn't working quite right, you try to find activities to do near the heaters that DO work. That said, we've made a series of videos demonstrating the installation of some of our products and elucidating some of the features that may not be immediately apparent. Pat has a series in which he shows how to practically use a Windwrap WGX fairing with a OnePoint mount:

Pat also demonstrates, in under 30 seconds, how easy it is to put on and take off a Windwrap XT fairing:

Vying for a chance at fame in front of the camera, Mike Hernandez is working on his line of informational videos entitled "Growing Your Brain with Mike Hernandez." Here are the first couple:

Find these videos, and more, as well as any future videos at! Stay warm and happy holidays!

T-Newsletter #11, October 2013

My friends, the weather is turning. For those Ned Stark fans out there: winter is most certainly coming. Here at TerraCycle we're prepping the only way we know how: designing high-end parts to make cycling more better. And fear not, friends, for many of TerraCycle's most confusing parts are simpler than you'd imagine and more versatile than you could ever dream. In 2013, the cure for the common question, of course, is YouTube. And we're beginning to populate. Slowly, at first, while we get a hang on being in front of a camera; but we'll get there. For now, enjoy Mike's facial hair and beautiful voice as he takes a shot at explaining the OnePoint Mount and how to install a WGX Fairing.

And, as always, we like to end with some praise (click for enlarged view):

T-Newsletter #10, July 2013

At TerraCycle, summer is a time for research and development. On these days we wait until a little after noon, when the sun is highest in the sky, and then we open the bay doors as far as they go and stare deeply into the sheets, bars, tubes and scraps of aluminum around the shop. We study the intricacies of the material and imagine what beautiful and practical applications lie within each individual piece. After some time of intense concentration, the glaring reflections send us into a delirium, where imagination is king and clamping mechanisms rule the land. Through this process of Rebrighticization (patent pending), we send our synapses on spectacular journeys of creation and discovery, and develop the cutting edge recumbent technologies that you've come to know and love. We're currently all at the optometrist, rectifying the horrible pains we've inflicted upon ourselves. But you can still reap the benefits with these brand new products from TerraCycle:


Astute recumbent riders will surely have noticed changes in new bikes coming out of the Rans Design, Inc. product line. Yes, that's right, oval frame tubes! "But TerraCycle, how am I going to attach your pannier-empowering Easy Reacher Underseat Rack to my bike now?" inquire Rans Fans worldwide. Well, fear not, for we are proud to introduce a brand new style of Easy Reacher Underseat Rack made specifically for the oval tubing of newer Rans bikes!


Just like the Ancient Mariner, many cyclists can find themselves with "water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink." Some loyal TerraCyclists have found solutions to this problem in our Dashboard Bars, but it's not fit for everyone. That's why we're rolling out brand new Adjustable Water Bottle Mounts! Incredibly versatile, this bottle mount can hold two different water bottle holders in a variety of heights and angles. Either fine tune your angle for perfect reaching capability, or lock in to one of three preset positions for ease and maximum staying power; then bolt your water bottle holders at a height that works best for you! The Adjustable Water Bottle Holder will make sure your bottle is never out of reach again!


Coming soon are some scrumptious treats. No words, no words, only some teasers for you now. Go ahead and click on each picture for an enlarged version:


This summer, TerraCycle went walking with its good friend, a young bike from Kansas. TerraCycle put its calloused hand on the bike's shoulder and said: "Dear friend, there are so many parts I make that many people in the land claim I make everything, and yet, there are so many of you and your kind that travel without the assistance of my remedies and accessories. Every time that you order something I make, the postal workers want dollars to deliver it to you. I worry that this makes my parts harder to get." At this, the bike breathed a long, low sigh. "It's true, TerraCycle. The burden of shipping affects us greatly." Both the bike and TerraCycle watched the sun grow lower in the summer sky. And then, with a start, the bike looked to TerraCycle and said: "TerraCycle! The answer is simple! What if you pay all of the dollars to the postal workers through the month of August? That way my kind and I could receive your remedies without worry!" TerraCycle looked deep into the horizon: "You know, that just might work." Dusk descended and the landscaped was painted in amber rays of light. A small grin worked itself across TerraCycle's face. "That just might work, after all."

And so, for a short time back in the year 2013, TerraCycle offered free shipping to anyone who ordered from and it was a pretty sweet deal.

And, finally, here at TerraCycle, we like to end on a happy note. The following are some happy notes that you guys've sent in. Feel free to click on the image to see it enlarged enough that the text is readable.

T-Newsletter #9, May 2013

TailSoks are live! Buy all of the TailSoks! Seriously, these TailSoks want to fly. They want to feel the breeze of a spring ride. They crave to flash back rays of light off their shiny, Lycra exteriors. Nary a tail shall go uncovered and unaerodynamic again! Cover yourselves! Cover your bikes! Cover the streets! Cover the world! Get into a TailSok today!!

Gift Certificates are live! Some of our more astute customers (read: customers with lots of time to kill) have correctly and diligently pointed out the fact that our webshop boasts entire lists of Frequently Asked Questions for Gift Certificates, yet offers no way to purchase them. Well, folks, there is an entirely logical explanation for this. You see, in a tree beside the Jiangshuiquan Reservoir (in the western part of the PRC's Shandong province), there lived a small bird whose morning was going spectacularly unwell. A boy from another neighborhood had been shouting at the bird in his native Cantonese. The bird made nests out of the local Jinan Evening Newspaper, and therefore knew only the Mandarin tongue. In its flustered state, the bird flapped wildly, causing, after several sequential iterations, winds that were inaccurately described as gale-force to blow off the coast of Oregon, here in the United States. Over the course of a few days, the uncompromisingly inclement weather traveled inland and befell the neighborhoods of southeast Portland, including the homes of the TerraCycle Team. Ill-equipped for the severity of the conditions (and unprepared to restrain ourselves from hyperbole), the Team did all we could to keep ourselves from collapsing in the throes of the great weather systems in the sky. Being now drenched and frigid—a cold and a wet that permeated our very beings—we found ourselves without either the foresight or forefinger-dexterity required to properly setup, test and execute the Gift Certificate module on our brand new website. Luckily, however, the sun is out, the rain all dried up, and the itsy bitsy spider is up the spout again. Oh, and you can buy and send Gift Certificates now. :]

We cleaned the Mori! Holy moly, friends, you don't even know how revolutionary this is. You might be thinking: "Yeah, yeah, we get it, every year you have a totally awesome party for the OHPV HPC and you tidy up the gigantic and super awesome CNC milling machine, whoop-de-doo..." BUT HOW WRONG YOU ARE! Not only had our gigantic and super awesome CNC milling machine gone without cleaning for last year's Memorial Day Weekend Open House, but our gigantic and super awesome CNC milling machine had gone without cleaning for EVERY Memorial Day Weekend Open House. For those of you keeping track at home that is: ALL OF THE YEARS! The Mori came to us with a fine layer of dust and that fine layer of dust grew into a healthy exoskeleton of oil-infused micrometropolises, a veritable bizarro Grand Canyon of dirt held in place with years of precipitated coolant and lubricant. Whilst scrubbing away at a clump of grime that looked eerily similar to Rodin's Thinker, I recalled an article that informed its readers that humans shed more than 8lbs (3.6kg) of dead skin cells in a year. Whether this is true or not, the plausibly intelligent structural formations protruding from the Mori made me wonder just how much crap came off this thing. At any rate, it's clean now, so we can sit back and wait another couple decades before we rinse and repeat.

For those of you who joined us for the Open House Party over Memorial Day Weekend, thank you for coming! It was a total blast! It was fun to see the range of people, from friends and family, to Buddhists and self-described Velomobilists, to people who were riding down the street and said: "What the heck kind of bike is that?" Even those of you who poked your head in the shop to say: "I heard tell of free booze?" Everyone was welcome and we loved having you all! Sorry to those of you who were hoping to see bikes from Stites Design and to those of you who had a hard time finding us, the people over at the OHPV have a lot on their plates, so we'll do what we can to ensure that next year's schedule and directions are created clearly and accurately. Thanks for coming!!

Now, please excuse us a moment while we stroke our ego.

T-Newsletter #8, Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Open House Party Saturday, May 25th at 7:00pm, Be Here!

After hitting up the OHPV HPC at the PIR swing on by TerraCycle's New Shop at SE 57th and Center for the Open House after party! We'll have beers provided by Full Sail Brewing, plates of snacks and sodas and plenty of bike nuts looking to hatch their master plans to takeover the recumbent world.

Visit with friends old and new, check out our new shop (much nicer than the old shop!), and enjoy a relaxing evening of cycling fun. Sooth your sore muscles with cold brews and check out the latest inventions that Pat's come up with- we haven't spent all our time moving! 7:00pm, Saturday, May 25th at 5726 SE Center! Be game or be lame (like a diamond frame)!

Plenty of bike parking, a fair amount of auto parking, and right off TriMet bus #14. We're not hard to find, Google Maps will get you here. And, we're right on the Center Street Bikeway! (Coordinates J-7 on the SE Portland Bike Map)

T-Newsletter #7, April 2013

Things are churning along at TerraCycle. The mill is hummin' and the flies are buzzin'! Here in the Pacific Northwest, the bright orb in the sky has people shopping for sandals that match their knit caps. If you haven't had a chance to get on your bike and out into the world, then what are you waiting for!? If you need a new idler for a smoother ride, some FastBack bags to keep yourself hydrated, or a Cargo Monster to take your picnic with you wherever you go, then you're on the right website!

In the shop, we've recently redone the design of our TailSoks. Pat's latest iteration will lower the price and make installation even easier. We're bringing back the TerraCycle TailSok Light Mounts that attach onto your TailSok to provide lighting either below or inside your TailSok for splendiforous illumination! The last step in the process was for Pat to find a sunny day that he could take a photoshoot and create an easy-to-use how-to!

And, as always, we love to hear from you guys! We know we're doing well when you guys let us know we're doing well! :D

T-Newsletter #6, March 2013

Spring is springing! Let the lawns be strewn with treasures and with toaster ovens that don't pop up without a good smack. And let the roads swell with bike traffic! The TerraCycle Team is loving each slice of sun that we receive as the Pacific Northwest changes from the rainy season to the rainy-and-sometimes-sunny season.

This month we're happy to announce a tweaking of our Optima Baron Power and Return Idler Kit. The mid-return idler mounting bracket historically included a piece of rubber to fold over your chaintube to hold it in place. What we've done is found a way to replace that piece of rubber with one of our floating chaintube holders affixed with a clamp. We'll be replacing the pictures soon; for now, you'll have to use your imagination (or you could always order one!)

Despite the recent struggles in moving our entire everything and trying desperately to catch up to the stacks of orders that accompany every spring, we had the chance to make a couple riders out there happy enough that they took to the internet to share their joy. And, well, it makes us so happy when we make you happy, that we want to give a shout out to the shout outs.

T-Newsletter #5, February 2013

My friends! It's happened! IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIVE!

Oh my, does that feel good! The hum of the machine, in the still wake of so many powerless days; the flashing of the welder against the rising concrete walls; even the heavy KA-CHUNK of the shear, as it splits the mighty expanses of Lexan into fairing-sized rectangles: it feels like a reawakening. A rebirth. The beginning of the TerraCycle renaissance.

T-Newsletter #4, January 2013

Though the Mayan calendar may have ended, the TerraCycle one feels like it's just beginning. We're finally into our new shop and out of our steel crates! A moment of thanks to all of the people who stopped by and helped out! For those of you who're still waiting on orders, we are incredibly sorry and we appreciate your patience with all of our hearts. Being in this new place and re-creating TerraCycle is a little bit like learning how to walk—if it took three-phrase electricity to walk. Until we get all of our powers up and running, we're going to be a little bit behind. Please excuse us while we fall on our face.

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