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T-News 2012

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T-Newsletter #3, December 2012

Who'd've thought moving hundreds of thousands of dollars of primo bike parts would be such hard work? With a little help from our friends, we're packing parts, lifting boxes, loading crates, carrying tools, dropping weight, cursing friends, picking noses, pointing fingers, losing minds, sweating buckets and laughing a lot. In the course of a couple days, we managed to completely disassemble our workplace and move it three miles away. Unfortunately, disassembling is much easier than assembling.

For those of you who have ordered anything recently, then we're begging for your patience. Everyday, we show up at our new shop and can't believe how much nicer it is and how much we have yet to do. It's bigger, it's warmer (If you've visited our old shop, you know how huge this is!), and it's prettier. That said, there really is still much work to do. Most of the things that we need to make the parts that people love are trapped in a sort of limbo while we put the finishing touches on the work space.

T-Newsletter #2, November 2012

Another day, another development; another month, another miracle; another time, another thing; it's the TerraCycle way! This month we're happy to announce that we've added a new size to the Velogenesis Clamp lineup. Our Velogenesis Clamps now come in 1/2"-5/8", 5/8"-3/4", and the brand new 3/4"-7/8".

Almost a year ago, TerraCycle bought the Velogenesis seat clamp system and immediately began designs to expand the line. Today, we introduce a useful, new, larger clamp to the lineup that secures a 3/4in tube to a 7/8in tube.

Originally designed to meet the demand for clamps to replace the adjustment pins on the larger diameter seat strut tubes used on newer model TerraTrikes, the new clamp has some other interesting applications.

The clamps work by independently clamping two sizes of tubing. No slots or changes to the tubing are required. In situations like telescoping seat strut tubes, the clamps allow you to replace the loose fitting pins with a clamp that grips both tubes securely, significantly stiffening the back of the seat. As a bonus, since the new clamp grips both the inner and outer seat strut tubes independently, when you loosen the clamp for the outer tube to remove the seat, the clamps will retain their position on the smaller tubes. When you put your seat back, things will go back to exactly where they were. No muss, no fuss.

The other interesting uses come on handlebars. Because handlebars are 7/8in, the new 3/4in-7/8in clamp allows for a wealth of fastening and mounting possibilities. TerraCycle will be developing some new accessories based on this clamp in the coming months. Let the clamping begin!

Stay tuned for next month's T-Newsletter. Let's just say, it might be pretty moving...

T-Newsletter #1, October 2012

Welcome to the first TerraCycle Newsletter of the brand new website! Boy, time has flown by, hasn't it? Rest assured, we're still local folks, working hard and dedicating ourselves to making the best parts for your recumbent that you can find.

For those of you who are curious about what we've been up to these past few years, you can check out our brand new Facebook page! Our timeline is growing and we invite you to post pictures of your favorite bikes and trikes!

More recently, we've introduced a plethora of new products and tweaks to our old products. Just in time for cold weather riding, we've revamped the way we think about Windwrap Fairings. Now, don't worry, they still kick massive amounts of butt, but now they are available in Complete Fairing Kits. This saves you the hassle of having to match up fairing and mount. For those of you, however, that are still more adventurous, we do offer à la carte fairings and mounts. In addition to reorganizing our packaging, we've also rolled out two new versatile mounts (XT and OnePoint) and a new full coverage fairing (WGX).

The beloved XT Mini Fairing now comes with an all-new mount. The already easy to use and universally mountable setup just got an extra dose of easiness and universality! New features include:

  • 30 seconds to put on or remove for super easy end-of-trail packup
  • Easier, wider range angle and fit adjustments for all bikes and trikes
  • Collapsible frame design to optimize storage and shipping space

With the new hardware, putting on, taking off, and dialing-in your exact fairing fit is a breeze. (The kind of breeze that your feet will know nothing about this winter!)

We took our OnePoint Mount back to the drawing board. As more and more people discover the fun of triking, we decided it was time to rethink our most popular fairing mount. With a little elbow grease and a lot of brain juice, we've remade the OnePoint Mount into a single, universal option that comes standard with fold-forward (and we dropped the price by $50 to boot!). The heart of it all is a versatile new friction hinge that includes overlapping, independent forward and back stops that allow for precise configurability.

The new OnePoint includes:

  • Smooth fold-forward for easy entry and exit
  • Ability to set range of motion or lock mount in place
  • Wide range, super easy setup

The OnePoint Mount is now a single, more versatile system with built-in fold-forward capabilities and it all comes with a smaller price tag. You are quite welcome.

Presenting: The WGX Fairing. In the northern hemisphere, winter is fastly approaching, which brings with it unfavorable biking weather. That's where the WGX Fairing comes in. Wider, longer, deeper, and classier than the classic GX fairing, the WGX is great for going faster and unbeatable for keeping warm and dry. Based on the versatile GX shape, the WGX is:

  • 3.5in (9cm) wider
  • 3in (7.5cm) longer
  • 2.5in (6.5cm) deeper

You feel more "in" a WGX Fairing than you do behind it! The WGX is suited for both bikes and trikes, and fits everything from Vision LWB bikes to an ICE Adventure. Nothing protects you better.

All items are available now. All Windwrap fairings are custom built to order, and lead times can vary, so order today for the earliest delivery!

Be sure to check back next month, as we've got another surprise coming out that will be sure to hold your attention...

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